Huntsville doctors among the first to use new stem cell procedure

by Jamel Lanee ,  WSFA | 2011-07-28

Huntsville, AL (WAFF) -
Doctors are finding more ways to effectively use stem cells.

In several cases, surgeons have been experimenting using the stem cell therapy in a procedure called Spinal Fusion.

Surgeons in Huntsville are among the first in the nation to test out the new procedure on patients.

According to medical experts, the procedure has been helpful in alleviating back and neck pain.

Ronald Moore refused to give up the one thing he loves the most, which was riding his motorcycle.

Moore said the pain was so bad, the pinching would start in his back and shoot down his legs. He said there were days when he could hardly get out of bed.

"I was losing some of the feelings in my legs which indicated to me, I thought some nerve something. You know it limited some of my activities, I couldn't get around a lot like I used to, we go up for walks and I couldn't walk very long and my back was really bothering me," said Moore.

Doctors diagnosed Moore with Spinal stenosis.

"Well the surgery that we recommended was called a decompression infusion to treat his problem and we applied the stem cell, the Allostem product, in his case and that saved him from having to have the bone harvested off of his hip," said Dr. Parker.

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