Kuwait Embassy in Mexico hosts symposium on cancer treatment

by Kuna ,  http://www.kuwaittimes.net/ | 2011-10-25

MEXICO CITY: The Kuwait Embassy in Mexico City this weekend hosted a symposium on the latest scientific findings in the control of cancer, which was attended by Arab, Mexican and international cancer and healthcare specialists.

Present at the symposium were representatives from ABC Medical Centers in Mexico City, director of the Cancer Research Program at St Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston, Texas, Professor Dr Philip Salem, the Assembly of the Lebanese Mexican Club and a delegation of Mexico-based cancer control specialists headed by Mexican Health Minister Armando Awad.

The symposium, hosted by Kuwaiti Ambassador to Mexico Sameeh Johar Hayat, addressed the latest studies and research papers on cancer control and early detection methods. The gathering also explored means of cooperation between research centers around the world in the fight against the disease.

Ambassador Hayat noted that existing coordination between Kuwait and Mexico seeks to strengthen bilateral ties in medicine. Also sought, according to Hayat, are the signing of agreements to boost cooperation and the exchange of expertise and researchers between the ministries of health and research centers in the two countries.


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