Hospital performs robotic surgeries for colo-rectal ailments

by David Brown , | 2011-10-26

Hyderabad, Oct 1 (PTI) A Hyderabad insititue has claimed to have successfully performed surgeries using robotic technology on four patients for colo-rectal ailments.

Managing Director and CEO of the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) Dr Bhaskar said even though there are four robots in the country, "KIMS is the first hospital in India to perform robot-assisted surgery".

"Robotic surgeries have marked a new era in the medical sector. The surgery is useful as it overcomes the limitations of minimally invasive surgery and enhances the capabilities of surgeons performing open surgeries," he said.

A week ago, KIMS hospital conducted the colo-rectal surgery on four patients, besides 40 robot-assisted surgeries have been done for other diseases, Bhaskar said.

Dr Surya Nalamati, Senior Surgeon at Henry Ford Hospital in the US, explained that robot-assisted surgery has more advantages than Laproscopy (operations performed through small incisions) as patients recover faster and have lesser trauma as the surgical incisions are smaller.

"There is lesser blood loss, minimal complications, less scarring, shorter hospital stay and quick return to work, hence there is less expenses involved in the hospital stay," Nalamati said.

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