Shooting pain? Don't consider a replacement too quickly

by Nalini Ravichandran ,  Daily Mail | 2012-03-20

When 50-year-old Nimjhey M suffered a slipped disc several years back, he was persuaded to go for a spinal implant.

Little did he know that this decision would lead to a whole host of new health challenges. Apart from shoulder pain, he was unable to stand for long periods and experienced difficulty passing urine. After numerous diagnostic tests, it became clear that the culprit for his condition was the implant.

'He had a biodegradable implant in his body that had dissolved and degenerated,' says Dr Rajesh Verma, senior consultant, orthopedics, Artemis Institute, where Nimjhey underwent a corrective surgery recently.

Nimjhey's case is not an isolated one. Thousands of people with implants in various parts of their bodies – from breast to hip to knee and spine- are dealing with the consequences of botch ups.

Most recently, fully metal hip implants have been in the news for the damage they have caused in the bodies of several people who have them. Just before that, thousands of women in France and UK with breast implants struggled with exploding breasts, caused by the leakage of silicone from the implants manufactured by a French firm.

So if you are considering an implant, you need to ensure that you have made a safe choice. We tell you about the factors you need to consider before making the decision. A wrong choice of doctors, hospitals, implants and a premature decision may result in damaging health consequences.

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