Advanced Cancer Treatment Center Planned For Okinawa Prefecture

by THE JAKARTA POST ,  medical tourism mag | 2012-05-15

The construction of an advanced cancer treatment center and other projects are planned in Okinawa Prefecture to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the prefecture's reversion to Japanese rule, government sources said.

The cancer treatment facility will be built in a residential district to be vacated by the U.S. military under a revised plan to realign U.S. forces stationed in Japan.

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda will announce the plan when he visits the prefecture to attend a ceremony to be held on May 15th, the 40th anniversary of the reversion.

The sources said the central government plans projects mainly in three fields--medical care, energy and education--which are expected to boost the prefecture's economic growth. The new projects will be in addition to conventional economic stimulus measures.

The aim of the government is to encourage self-sustaining development in the prefecture, the sources said.

It also wants to speed up the return of other facilities used by the U.S. forces, including land currently occupied by the U.S. Marine Corps' Futenma Air Station

By quickly offering detailed plans of how the sites vacated by the U.S. forces will be used, the government hopes to win greater understanding from the local government and people.

The advanced cancer treatment center will be built in the Nishi-Futenma residential district in Ginowan, which has been designated as one of its targets for early return under the revised realignment plan.

The residential district is inside Camp Foster, which stretches over several municipalities including Ginowan, and is close to Futenma Air Station.

The central government plans to provide the nation's most advanced medical technology at the cancer facility, according to the sources.

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