Bali Wants In On The Medical Tourism Action

by CNN Go Staff ,  CNN Go .com | 2012-07-06

Over the last 10 years, Asia’s rise on the medical tourism scene has been quick. Eastern nations dominate the global scene.

Now Bali wants a slice of the action.  

The Indonesian island recently opened its first facility specifically targeting medical tourists with packages and services, Bali International Medical Centre (BIMC) Nusa Dua. BIMC already has an international hospital in Kuta, which opened in 1998.

The new internationally managed facility offers dialysis treatments, surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and dental care.

Like most of the region's international hospitals, BIMC is designed to feel more like a spa or resort than a medical facility. 

The 50-bed hospital has a 24-hour medical emergency entrance and hotel-like foyer at the front of the building servicing the hospital’s medical, dialysis and dental centers.


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