Breast Cancer Breakthrough Made

by World First Staff ,  World First Travel Insurance | 2012-08-03

Scientists are hopeful they can find new ways of treating breast cancer after they identified the gene that carries and encourages the spread of the deadly cells.

The gene, called RhoC, has previously been shown to promote metastasis, which spreads cancer cells to distant organs, which is more likely to kill them than a primary breast tumour.

But the team of researchers from the University of Michigan found that traditional treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy do not kill the cancer cells that encourage the tumours to grow and spread.

Following the discovering of the gene and how it behaves, the scientists said they could work out new ways to kill the cancer cells, an announcement likely to be welcomed by travellers who take out breast cancer travel insurance.

As part of the study, the researchers looked at breast cancer cells that were metastic and cells lines from normal breast tissue.


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