East African Countries Rank Highest in Medical Tourism to India

by Kenan Kalagho ,  ETN Global Travel Industry News | 2012-09-10

The East African countries rank the highest in medical tourism to India with hundreds of thousand patients traveling to India to seek medical treatment every year.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam, last week the Indian Counsellor to Tanzania Mr. Kunal Roy said that there has been a considerable increase with regard to medical tourism from the East African countries which mainly attributes to lower costs involved in treatment in Indian hospitals as opposed to other countries like Europe and the West.

Treating one patient in Europe with heart surgery is equivalent to treating five of such patients in India and this makes many countries around the world and especially in East Africa to seek for medical treatment in India than in the west and or European countries" Counsellor Roy said.

The Indian Counsellor to Tanzania Counsellor Roy said that India has the best infrastructure that has been attained by its government and thus making medical related treatment to be of lower prices compared to Western countries.

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