Infertility Can Be Treated Like Any Other Disease

by Staff Report ,  | 2012-10-29

Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center (ACIMC), established with the Australian technical collaboration, has been at the forefront of fertility treatment technology in Pakistan. It is in 14th year of its operation and has been consistently recording positive results for the patients comparable to the best IVF centers in the world.

Dr.Syed Sajjad Hussain, Managing Director, ACIMC, spoke on various issues relating to fertility treatment in the following interview.

What is infertility?

Infertility can be defined as failure to have babies. It is a condition of the reproductive system often diagnosed after a couple has had one year of unprotected, well-timed intercourse, or if the woman has suffered from multiple miscarriages. Infertility can be broken down into (i) male factor (40 per cent); (ii) female factor (40 per cent); and (iii) combination of the two or unexplained infertility (20 per cent). Infertility is tested, diagnosed and treated like any other disease. In some cases, it can be prevented; in others, it cannot be.

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