Child Obesity Moving in the Right Direction

by Editorial Board ,  The Denver Post | 2012-12-17

One of the few things to keep pace with the nation's escalating childhood obesity rate has been the number of stories chronicling the trend, which is why it's worth pointing out a notable exception.

As The New York Times reported last week, several cites and states across the country are, for the first time, reporting declines in obesity among school-aged children. Sure, these are not huge pound-shedding reports a la the reality television show "The Biggest Loser." And the biggest losers of weight appear not to be the poor and minority students who are disproportionately obese. But it is still a development worthy of reflection.

California, Mississippi, New York City and Philadelphia are all reporting small decreases in childhood obesity — drops that are attributed, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to "taking comprehensive action" to address the issue.

"No single intervention is going to turn us around. It really takes a lot of the changes like Philadelphia has made," Dr. Giridhar Mallya of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, told the foundation.

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