Reevaluating Medical Facilitators

by Global Health and Travel ,  Global Health and Travel | 2013-03-11

The recent article from Global health and Travel depicts the strides in medical tourism today and the role that medical tourism facilitators play in this industry. PlacidWay CEO, Pramod Goel, the author of "Evolution of Medical Tourism: From Cottage Industry to Corporate World" talked about the medical tourism industry as a whole. As a thought leader in this industry, Pramod Goel sees medical tourism facilitators as an educational tool.

“The market segment our website serves extends beyond those with access to the Internet. Our business model has another segment. We are also expanding our role by connecting and partnering with local facilitators and providing them with information online, so they can further distribute it locally, especially in places where the Internet and the information are not readily available, such as Africa and the Middle East, as well as Bangladesh and Afghanistan. For example, we deal with some doctors in local communities, and we say to them, ‘Okay, you can offer your patients these things which are available in other countries,” Goel points out.

You can read the whole article below.

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