Evaluate your Dental Health

by PlacidWay | Newsletter ,  PlacidWay | 2013-06-20

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Evaluate your Dental Health

 Dental Centers in Americas 

Sani Dental Group, Mexico Dentaris Dentistry, Cancun, Mexico
 Sani Dental Group
Los Algodones, Mexico
Dentaris, Cancun & Riviera Maya 
 Cancun, Mexico
Affordable Dental Treatments Costa Rica
Medellin Dental Treatment Center
Davincis Dental Designers Group
Costa Rica
Medellin Dental Cluster 
Medellín, Colombia

 Dental Centers in Europe & Asia 

Affordable Dental Treatments Dubai
Eirini N. Georgiou
Athens, Greece
Cocoona Dental Services

Dentaris Dentistry, Cancun, Mexico
Tanfer Dental Center in Istanbul, Turkey
Hospitadent Dental & Oral Health Centre
 Istanbul, Turkey
 Tanfer Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey

 Dental Centers in India & South Korea 

Affordable Dental Treatments India
Dr. Vinod Narayanan
Chennai, India
Laser Dental Clinic
Mumbay, India
Wonjin Dental Clinic
Seoul, South Korea

Wonjin Dental Clinic, South Korea

 Press Release

Sani Dental Group, located in Los Algodones, near Yuma, provides apremium location for snowbirds seeking high-quality yet affordable dental care in one of the most popular Baja vacation spots on the US/Mexico border.

 Dental Article 


American Travels to Costa Rica for Dental Implants

Pete J., a Native American living in Denver, Colorado, noticed a slow progression in his inability to chew properly.

 Training Conference 



The Concept of Digital Smile Design

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