Second medical tourism insurance plan launches

by Cassidy Davis Insurance Group ,  Treatment Abroad | 2008-10-23

Eight months after the launch of the innovative Health Traveller comes another special product to support medical tourism.

The winner of TV show Make me a Million has launched a new company offering travel insurance for the UK medical tourism market. Leila Wilcox won the Channel Four show, which challenged participants to make a million in a year, in 2005 after her children's toiletries company Halos and Horns reportedly achieved an annual turnover of £9.7m in its first 12 months. Leila sold Halos and Horns in 2006 and in 2008 helped launch Medicetics Skin Clinic, a company set up to offer non-invasive cosmetic surgery.

Her new business, Angelis Insurance, is offering travel insurance for dental and medical treatment and cosmetic surgery overseas.

Protection is provided for all of the standard travel insurance terms as well as specific additional benefits relating to the policyholder’s treatment, such as an extended stay or the need for further consultation during the trip. Cover is also provided for out of pocket expenses incurred should a follow up appointment abroad be needed within 12 months of treatment. Cover options are available to those travelling with Angelis’s policyholders.