by Carolyn Kaiser ,  Suddenly Senior | 2006-01-01

Or, How I Got Dental Implants in Costa Rica, Saved a Bundle, And Learned to Laugh Again.         


My toothy adventure began last February. That's when my dentist gave me final warning: "The only way we can save what little gums you have left is with dental implants. And soon!"


But the cost was prohibitive.  I would need at least a dozen implants at between $1,800 and $3,500 each. And that didn't include teeth.  Then, one of our readers wrote about getting implants in Costa Rica for a fraction of the cost. After suffering with ill-fitting dentures for 30 years, I made the decision to travel to Costa Rica and get the implants before my gum line vanished completely.


This is the story of that long, interesting and often painful process. February 22nd I arrived in San José. On the 23rd, Dr. Mario Garita, the dentist our reader recommended, placed 13 implants (eight in my top jaw after two bone grafts, five in the bottom jaw) at $850 each.

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