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by PlacidWay ,  PlacidWay | 2014-05-20

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Dental Tourism and Return Visits
Onlays & Inlays. The Difference.
Understanding Dental Fillings.
In Other Health News...
Motivation & Exercise. Why is it important to workout?

We all know the amazing amount of benefits that working out bring us. But, did you know that exercising has a huge impact in your brain and motivation? And more importantly do you know how is it possible?

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Free From Diabetes With This Unique Operation

Did you know that diabetes can be cured with a special operation and thus you no longer have to suffer from this disease for the rest of your life?

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 Medical Tourism Fights Against Obesity Epidemic

People are trapped in a vicious circle of buying unhealthy cheap & fast food, and not being able to undergo bariatric surgery. Medical Tourism is the best option for those who want fast access to affordable and high quality medical care. See why.

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TURKEY Modern Medicine & the history behind it

Since ancient times Turkey is a place to regain your health. Currently, the Medical and Spa facilities in Turkey are world class and some are unique. Know why here the natural world meets medical science.
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 What’s the Difference between Hernia and Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids and hernias, are very different conditions. Depending on severity, frequency, and overall health, individuals may benefit from a variety of treatments methodologies.

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