8 Reasons Why You Should Get a Second Opinion Abroad

by PlacidWay ,  | 2015-04-08

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PlacidWay understands how much a second opinion means for someone in need!

We learnt form our vast experience in health and wellness tourism industry that a second opinion can prove to be of great help for someone in need.

Here are top 8 reasons why we think you should get a second opinion abroad!

1) Getting a second opinion is your right as a patient.

As patients and individuals, we all have rights. We have the right to receive comprehensive information about our diagnosis, possible benefits and risks of our treatment options and even prognosis. This is important so that we can provide an informed consent for the procedure we are undergoing and make an important decision.

2) A second opinion can help confirm a diagnosis - especially a cancer diagnosis.

A second opinion can be helpful for patients that have terminal illnesses like cancer. Having been told that you have cancer can be a frightening diagnosis. Some patients may find it difficult to accept the initial diagnosis and make firm decisions about treatment options. Hence, a second opinion is needed to confirm these. And because cancer is prevalent elsewhere, its treatment options are continually advancing.

3) A second opinion can give you peace of mind which you cannot buy.

Asking a second or even third opinion helps you feel assured that you are making the right treatment choices. After confirmation of your diagnosis and treatment, this brings a sigh of relief. At the back of your mind, this helps assure that you have considered different options and opinions and in the end, you have made the right choice for your treatment or the treatment of your loved ones.

4) Provide you better treatment choices not found in your home country.

Asking for a second opinion especially abroad opens doors of treatment opportunities especially ones that are not available in one’s home country. Actually, this is one of the primordial reasons why global patients seek treatment overseas. Nonetheless, this can provide affordable, better and more advanced treatment modalities.

5. Prevent incorrect, delayed and unnecessary diagnosis and treatment.

The unavailability of treatment options, a lack of communication between a patient and his/her healthcare providers, or a delay in diagnosis may contribute to the need for a second opinion. Even two experienced specialists seeing the same X-ray or laboratory test results can come to different conclusions and diagnoses. Of course, doctors and specialists can make mistakes and are only human.

6. Most doctors like oncologists request or invite a second opinion from their colleagues.

In some countries, when a doctor makes a significant decision regarding an important diagnosis or treatment, sometimes he/she is required and has the right to consult a colleague. Sometimes, these types of consultations often lead to changes in the diagnosis and treatment plan.

7. In PlacidWay, you can have access to over 600 healthcare providers, with experts in different medical fields from all over the world!

You can have an access to our network of physicians to help you decide the best course of your treatment or your family member’s treatment. It’s that easy!

8. Getting a second opinion is affordable here in PlacidWay.

Of course, we can make this service affordable and accessible too. We are now offering a second opinion package at very affordable rates for a complete medical report from a top specialist or doctor anywhere in the world.

For more details, read our Article on reasons why you should consider going abroad for second opinion.

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