Discover obesity surgery options worldwide

by PlacidWay ,  PlacidWay | 2016-03-09

Obesity Surgery Options Worldwide

There are countless obesity surgery options worldwide! You are able to explore, compare, get in touch and pick the medical package that best suits your needs. Enjoy the benefits of choosing for your health!

Gastric Band Surgery in Seoul, South Korea 
from $4,500
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Gastric Banding in Bangkok, Thailand 
from $11,000
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Gastric Bypass Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey 
from $25,000
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Duodenal Switch Surgery in Mexicali, Mexico 
from $10,000
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Gastric Balloon Procedure in Ahmedabad, India 
from $3,000
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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Ensenada, Mexico 
from $6,800
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