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There are numerous surrogacy options waiting for you in Cyprus   

The unique program "Cyprus-America Surrogacy Services" (CASS) offers affordable gestational surrogacy for international clients. The surrogacy program offers contracts bound by American legal system with low cost treatment in Cyprus, thus, offering you a low cost surrogacy program.


The legal work, surrogate recruitment, child delivery and registration take place in the United States, in one of the surrogate-friendly states depending on your surrogate is recruited, while the medical work takes place in Cyprus. Patient groups who are most likely to need assistance from a surrogate mother include:

• Couples where the female partner has a serious medical condition which prevents them from getting pregnant or 
• Couples where the female partner does not have a fully developed uterus or has no uterus at all.
• Couples with very hectic schedules who need the help of a surrogate mother to deliver their child.
• Gay couples who cannot achieve pregnancy on their own terms.jeopardizes the patient's own health in the event of a pregnancy.
• Singles who want to become parents.

On average, a surrogacy arrangement will cost you between $65,000 - $75,000 depending on a number of factors. The following cost schedule will be indicative:

• Agency and Legal fees: $20,000 
• Medical and IVF expenses: $15,000 
• Surrogate’s compensation: $20,000 – $35,000 
• Insurance and Miscellaneous fees: $5,00
• Surrogate’s travel expenses: $5,000
• Additional Egg donor fee: $3,000
• Additional Sperm donor fee: $1,000
• Additional cost of Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis: $3,000

Your own travel expenses are not included in these costs. Likely additional cost of a twin pregnancy compensation would be somewhere between $3,000 – $5,000. There are also fees that might arise based under certain circumstances such as lost wages due to bed rest during pregnancy, premature delivery and NICU expenses and etc. However, these are carefully dealt with in your contract to let you know what you might be faced with in certain unlikely and/or unwanted events.
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Patients from all around the world choose among customizable surrogacy packages available in Georgia

Chachava Clinic Reproductive Health Center is one of the most advanced fertility centers in Caucasus, which is located in one of the oldest Maternity Hospitals in Tbilisi established since 1875. Georgian liberal legislation states, that the surrogates and egg donors do not have any rights upon the child born, regardless of what happens.  We guarantee that the parent will achieve the goal running through the smooth process and take baby home in total agreement with the law.


A. SURROGACY PACKAGE with Cryopreserved embryos: $37.000
C. SURROGACY PACKAGE (IVF/ICSI) + EGG DONATION (all eggs from one donor): $47.000

The amounts include all legal and organizational taxes, clinic’s fee and surrogate mother’s compensation. Prices may vary in case of complications, tween pregnancy, etc. Parents should be legally married.All the legal aspects can be set in intended parents’ country, without visiting Georgia until baby will be born (preserved sperm a/o eggs can be shipped to Georgia).

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In Vitro Fertility Clinic has been established in 1997 at the Zhordania Institute as an IVF department and since then it has gained its reputation as one of the most successful IVF clinics in the country. The clinic is a member of the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) and since 2010 it has become a private IVF clinic.



The prices include all legal and organizational taxes, clinic’s fee and surrogate mother’s compensation. Prices may vary in case of complications, tween pregnancy, etc. Parents should be legally married. If a couple is interested they need to send their passport copies and medical reports showing the problem they have and why they need surrogacy and marriage certificate if it is available. 

The couple does not necessary need to come to the clinic; they can just ship the sperm or eggs and give a power of attorney so the process can start. A deposit of $10,000 is asked and they the clinic can start looking for mother and egg donor if necessary.
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Ukraine has become renowned for its top notch surrogacy programs 

Surrogacy Motherhood (Kiev, Ukraine), when patients elect to have a medical treatment, the center wants to give them all the information they need to make an informed choice.



A customized package can be created by adding or excluding any services taking into account your particular budget for this program or exact services you need. Patients can choose paying to the clinic directly and pay the bills for the SM's accommodation, transport expenses and all further IVF attempt related and medical expenses. Normally if patients choose the Medical and Extra expenses package it could help them save some money, it's a guarantee that they won't be charged more than that.

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More and more patients choose to travel to Russia for surrogacy

Some of the options available in Moscow, at Nova Clinic | Fertility Center are:

SURROGACY PACKAGE (IVF/ICSI) with own eggs/embryo: from $44.200

SURROGACY PACKAGE (IVF/ICSI) + EGG DONATION, PGD and unlimited embryo transfer until we achieve pregnancy: from $58.900


The Russian legislation doesn't prohibit surrogacy for couples not officially married or for single women, although this process may take 3-5 months. However, we understand that the intended parents can't stay long in Russia and try our best to minimize the terms.

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Don't wait any longer! Start finding everything about the endless surrogacy options available worldwide!

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