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Liverpool couple's vacation at Goa with their in vitro maturation treatment at Mumbai in India.

by Dr. Bojwani ,  PR Log | 2008-11-14

UK couple availed facilities of medical tourism in India and got registration for a less cost in vitro maturation treatment at Mumbai in India.
A Liverpool couple celebrated their summer vacation at a tourism resort of Goa with their in vitro maturation treatment at Mumbai in India. Adam Ried and Johanna aged 32 and 28 respectively had become desperate to get a baby they even tried  2 stages of IUI treatment from their UK surgeon as Johanna was not allowed for IVF procedure because the oocyte count in her body was low. When the doctor asked them to try for an in vitro maturation treatment then Adam decided to have it at some abroad medical destination and after coming to know about Indian medical tourism services the UK couple availed its facilities and got registration for a less cost in vitro maturation treatment at Mumbai in India from an experienced infertility expert. After a stay of 15 days at a hospital of Mumbai Adam and Johanna got discharge and their surgical procedure was successful. Now they traveled to a tourism resort at Goa to celebrate their summer vacation after their successful in vitro maturation treatment at Mumbai in India

As a laboratory process an in vitro maturation treatment is an infertility treatment whereby a primary oocyte obtained from an immature tertiary follicle is allowed to mature until it becomes a secondary oocyte and capable of being fertilized by a sperm cell. Thus with the combination of  oocyte and sperm cells a zygote develops and takes the form of an human embryo.  The fertilization process is then performed in the laboratory by using in vitro fertilization. This process is often done to enhance the number of egg cells available for IVF so as to increase the chances of successful fertilization, implantation, and pregnancy. In vitro maturation treatment or IVM of oocytes is  a treatment option for subjects with good prognosis in assisted reproduction.

Take recent successful medical case a woman who got IVM from whom low numbers of embryos were obtained after repeated failed conventional IVF cycles. A 35 year old woman, after 5 years infertility and two intrauterine insemination and three conventional IVF cycles, underwent first an IVM cycle with low dose FSH stimulation, and after failure, another natural IVM cycle. Three oocytes were obtained. The result was an amazing pregnancy and birth of a healthy female infant weighing 4150 g. IVM may can be a good medical option for women from whom only low numbers of oocytes are obtained after gonadotrophin stimulation. 

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