Medical Tourism changing the face of healthcare industry

Catholic Online | 2009-03-21

Medical Tourism is an affordable way to get knee replacement, open heart surgery, health checkups, cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Medical Tourism is fast changing the face of healthcare industry; 40 Billion dollar industry by year 2010 in USA alone is certainly one of the fastest growing industries in healthcare business. Not just it is the way to get affordable and low cost procedure packages, but it is the way to arrange operative procedures, with in weeks of contact with medical tourism facilitators and healthcare providers.

At this moment, waiting time for knee replacement, or hip replacement surgery in USA and Canada is 1 year to 18 months, almost same in Europe. With the globalization and speedier way of transfer of information and communication, it has become possible to connect doctors and patients in any part of the world. Systems are there to enable patients to have reliable consultations with the doctors and healthcare providers far away from their home. If it us possible in USA to have tele presence consultations and treatments, in real time it is no difference in any part of the world at current point of time. This has revolutionized the provision of healthcare to the world community rather then it is remained confined to the city or county alone. Global healthcare is another name of this fast growing industry mostly called as medical tourism or health tourism.

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