Medical Tourism and Dental Treatment Abroad

Shelter Off Shore | 2009-03-20

If you're one of the 7.4 million people who haven't been able to find an NHS dentist you’ll know how expensive private dental care is.

According to Wikipedia, the UK and the Republic of Ireland are the two largest sources of dental tourists with the dental professions in both countries being criticised by competition authorities for lack of transparent pricing.

Whilst the government continue to tell us that things are getting better and the General Dental Council are trying to scaremonger us with stories of lax regulations and shoddy work overseas, many Brits are finding that the best and most economical way to get their pearly whites sorted is to go the medical tourism route and have dental treatment abroad…

In 2008 the first British health tourism survey was carried out based on interviews with 650 people who had had medical treatment abroad. The survey found that 91.2% of Brits who had dentistry carried out abroad were satisfied with their results. The most popular dental procedures carried out abroad were dental implants.  The cost to have a dental implant carried out in the UK averages around £2,000. That cost drops dramatically if you have the same procedure carried out in one of the top 3 destinations for dental tourism.  In Poland you’ll pay £750, Hungary £820 and in Turkey the same dental treatment will run to around £570.

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