Booming Medical Tourism in India

PR Minds | 2009-05-30

"Booming Medical Tourism in India" report offers extensive research on the Medical Tourism in India.

The report, "Booming Medical Tourism in India", provides a complete insight into the Indian medical tourism market. It evaluates the past, present and future scenario of the Indian medical tourism market and discusses the key factors which are making India a favorable medical tourism destination. Both statistics and trends regarding market size, tourist arrivals, infrastructure, accreditations, drivers and restraints have been thoroughly discussed in the report.

The research has found that India represents the most potential medical tourism market in the world. Factors such as low cost, scale and range of treatments provided by India differentiate it from other medical tourism destinations. The growth in India's medical tourism market is expected to serve as a boon for several associated industries also, including hotel industry, medical equipment industry and pharmaceutical industry.

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