MTA Releases First Patient Surveys on Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Magazine | 2009-06-01

The Medical Tourism Association has released preliminary results from its first patient surveys in the Medical Tourism Industry. The Medical Tourism Association has created this medical tourism patient survey as part of a larger research project to study the medical tourism industry. The continuing results of these surveys will be published in the medical tourism magazine. This survey is extremely important to the solid growth of the medical tourism industry by providing a better understanding why patients are traveling and where they are traveling to as well as insight to increase international patient flow.

"These first patient surveys are going to provide insight into the patient experience and to give a greater understanding as to why patients make their overseas healthcare decisions. The MTA is making these studies and surveys available to the medical tourism industry at no cost to assist our members in growing the industry.I think many people in the industry will be very surprised by the results," said Renee-Marie Stephano, COO of the Medical tourism association and Editor of the Medical Tourism Magazine.

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