Obesity Surgery Saves Couple From Certain Early Death

by Jane Tucker ,  ukmedix news | 2009-06-01

In an incredible weight loss story Mr. and Mrs. Glencross from Lincolnshire can claim to have lost almost fifteen stone between them over the last year. Roy and Kate Glencross who have ten grandchildren were warned by doctors that they were facing a whole list of obesity related illnesses which could kill them.
Obesity Surgery Saves Couple From Certain Early Death

They decided to have keyhole gastric bypass surgery which has reduced the size of their stomachs to an apple which means that they can only consume food in tiny portions. For example on Christmas Day their lunch was a boiled egg and some peeled prawns which filled them up amply.

The operation which was undertaken on the 17th June 2008 probably saved their lives and has allowed them to be far more mobile than previously. In fact they have planned a holiday to America and are happy and proud that for the 1st time they will not have to request special seat belt extensions from the air hostess, something which always humiliated them.

Mr Glencross commented that he regretted not losing weight before because his knees are seriously damaged because of the extra weight he has been with for most of his life. He regrets the time he was not able to spend with his youngest grandson but is happily looking to the future now.

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