Amazing results with stem cells - a personal observation

by Dr. Roura ,  Roura DermSurgery | 2009-08-19

My dad is 76 years old, quite conscious of his looks, had some cosmetic surgery done several years ago.  Of course due to aging, I needed to so some more improvements on him.  I did his full face lift with neck lift and liposuction of the neck to give him a firmer jawline and remove excess sagging skin,  I also removed his eyebags and repaired drooping of his upper eyelids.  The procedure was a success and created for him the firm jawline and improved the sagging of his face.  However, he is not the metrosexual kind who applies creams on his face on a nightly basis, nor is he conscious of the kind of skin care products he fact...he does not have any skin care protocol at all...period.   This resulted in accummulated years of continuous sundamage, aging, and the effects of gravity.  Although he had a tight look, his skin quality was really bad.  Had lots of wrinkles especially on the forehead and crows feet. big pores on the cheeks especially on the nose, skin was rough, with blackheads, sebaceaous short, his skin looked aged.  Another very noticeable thing that facelifts cannot correct is the sagging ang wrinkling of the skin in the areas beside the lips, although the jowling was corrected by the lipo of the neck and corresponding neck lift,  this area is very hard to correct even wit the best and most extensive facelift.  Plus the addition of loss of volume on his face, nasojugal and nasolabial folds were very prominent.

In short, he really needed a very good skin care program.  I tried to do some facials and the famous diamond peel which did not do anything.... This is going to be tough and challenging. The next time I tried him with Adipose derived Stem cells and used it together with the dermaroller. The protocol is usually every 2 weeks for five sessions.  Plus of course come take home skin care products.  After a week, we went out in our regular family sundays.  When I saw my dad, I was amazed on how his skin quality improved, his skin was softer, smoother, shiny, tighter, fine lines improved, wrinkling beside the lips was markedly improved, his pores shrank.  His skin looked fantastic,  I was really amazed and it was just 1 session and only 1 week.  I cant wait to do another session on him and track his further improvement....This is really skin rejuvenation...Will post pictures soon after his treatment.

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