Israel courts medical tourists

by Crispin Thorold ,  BBC News, Jerusalem | 2008-03-28

Jerusalem is one of the world's great destinations - for generations people have travelled to the city to see the religious sites.


Now the government of Israel is hoping that visitors of a different kind will go to the country. Israel is marketing itself as a hub for medical tourism.


Long waiting lists and expensive private healthcare have made medical tourism a boom industry. Every year thousands of westerners go to countries like India for quick and cheap treatment.



The Hadassah hospital on the outskirts of Jerusalem is a good example of the facilities and expertise that Israel has on offer. Among the doctors working there is Professor Jose Cohen, a neurologist who specialises in stroke patients, and came to public attention when he treated the former Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon.


"This is a very small country with incredible and amazing medical facilities," says Professor Cohen.

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