Medical tourism gets high priority

by Premita Leelachand ,  Le Défi Media Group | 2009-12-11

The aim is to position Mauritius as one of the leading medical travel destinations in the region.

After the project of converting Mauritius into a CyberIsland and a knowledge hub, biomedical research is another area which the Government envisages to develop in the near future. In this respect, the BOI, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Industry, Science and Research, Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, Enterprise Mauritius and Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, organised  Bio-Health Mauritius 2009, a two-day conference, at Hilton Resort & Spa, on December 7 and 8.

The focus was on the future of stem cells research and therapies, geriatics and rehabilitative medicine, medical biotechnology, bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics, nanotechonology, medical microtechnologies and nanomedicine, clinical trials, pre-clinical trials and pre-clinical research in the country. Doctors, academicians, key decision makers from the healthcare industry and investors participated in the conference along with Mauritian professionals.