Medical Tourism: Update and Implications – 2009 Report

Deloitte Development LLC | 2009-12-31

With health care costs increasing at six percent per year for the next decade, and medical tourism offering savings of up to 70 percent after travel expenses, the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions estimates that the medical tourism industry will recover from the current economic downturn and attain 35 percent annual growth in coming years. This growth holds important implications for U.S. health care providers, health plans, consumers and the government.

A new study, “Medical Tourism: Update and Implications,” updates the Center’s 2008 report on the industry and examines the many factors that have influenced the growth and regulation of patients traveling for medical care, including Washington’s search for ways to control the country’s soaring health care costs. This timely study already has generated coverage by news media, including the Associated Press and USA Today.

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