Stem Cells Brain Cancer

CHXA | 2010-04-23

Brain tumors have been a difficult ailment to cure for many years due to their tedious position within bodies and the high possibility of damage to be done to the surrounding tissue that could easily result in further damage or even death during the treatment process. Further, targeting the specific causes of the cancer for treatment have proven particularly difficult due to the limited ability to effectively analyze the specific causes of the tumors in the past.

Recent studies, however, have shown some progress in the way that doctors have been able to identify and subsequently develop treatments to hopefully treat and even cure many tumor developments. Through the process of tracking specific stem cells and their growth patterns it has been determined that brain tumors are actually the result of malfunctioning stem cells located near blood vessels within the brain to utilize the body’s resources to multiply exponentially and damage surrounding cells – a process that previously hadn\'t been considered as a possibility due to the fact that doctors believed tumors to consist of one particular cell line rather than a collection of different cells.

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