Would you consider plastic surgery? Here's what local moms had to say:

by Amy ,  Detroit Free Press | 2010-07-04

"Some day I will have a breast reduction! but since I'm not done having kids I'm waiting."

-- Amy1977

"If at some point I get in the physical shape that I need to be in I'd consider having a tummy tuck because even when I was at my skinniest before kids I still had this round little tummy and now after two c-sections I have a nice little baby pouch."

-- themirolands

"Lipo suction on my gut...no matter how much weight I lose, there's not enough exercize that will get rid of all that."

-- Lori33

"'I'm with all of you on the tummy!! Also, I'd love for the girls to be a bit perkier! I don't think I could ever part with $ to actually have it done though...3 kids to put through college would stop me in my tracks!"

-- pgeds

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