SOUTH KOREA: Jeju Island to become a medical tourism destination

by Treatment Abroad ,  Treatmentabroad | 2010-07-15

Jeju, South Korea's biggest island, is transforming itself into a medical destination for foreign patients who are looking for treatment as well as tourism. Jeju Healthcare Town will begin construction later this year with the first part due to be completed early next year.

Jeju Healthcare Town will consist of three parks, one for wellness, one for medical treatment, and one for medical science and research. One of the main themes of Jeju Healthcare Town is medical treatment and research for a long life. Jeju seeks to attract foreign patients who want to have a check-up in the wellness park or medical treatment in the medical park. The main target will be Asian countries. The local government has provided a site of 1.48 million square meters in Seogwipo for the healthcare complex.

There are positive factors that can help Jeju Healthcare Town. Jeju Island is off the south coast of South Korea, between China and Japan. Eighteen cities with populations of more than 5 million are within 2 hours' flight of Jeju Island. Jeju offers an unspoiled natural environment that other competitive medical destinations do not have. Jeju Island is traditionally well-known as a tourism destination. Korea offers state-of-the-art technology in medical treatment including surgery, diagnostics and cancer treatment.