Is India Playing its Cards Right in Medical Tourism?

by Dr Prem Jagyasi ,  Express Health Care Mgmt. | 2010-07-20

The Role of India in Medical Tourism

Globalisation of the healthcare industry has worked wonders for India. Not only has it brought the latest innovative technology to the country, it has allowed healthcare providers to meet international standards and improve the quality of healthcare delivery for patients. This has opened the door for India to become a leader in medical tourism, with prime benefits including cost effectiveness, a personalised level of provision and a dependable healthcare experience. The 'Incredible India' tourism factor has slipped another card up the sleeve for the Indian medical tourism industry. Overall, India now plays a significant role in the growth of medical tourism worldwide.

Regional Medical Tourism Activities in India

India offers a wide level of variety within its borders; every state can be said to offer something unique. This feature provides an unsurpassed opportunity for the country to produce rewarding results.

For instance, the state of Tamil Nadu is a good case in point. Enriched with several corporate multi-specialty hospitals, the cities of Chennai, Vellore, Coimbatore, Madurai, along with many others, have helped to launch the now burgeoning private sector. The best healthcare in Tamil Nadu has been augmented by ultra-modern facilities, talented medical and paramedical personnel and support from the Government. Hospitals equipped with world-class treatment options that combine the best of western modalities with long-established Indian herbal and holistic healing techniques form a perfect blend of traditional and modern care; features that have transformed the state into a favored choice for medical treatment from across the globe.

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