Export man goes abroad to receive stem-cell treatment

by Paul Paterra ,  TRIBUNE-REVIEW | 2010-11-29

John Orsingher says he feels "great" just three weeks after receiving stem-cell treatments for his multiple sclerosis.

But the Export man realizes a there's still a battle ahead in the fight against the condition he has had for about 13 years.

"It seems like my eyesight came back. I feel a lot better," Orsingher said last week in the Export Laundromat, which he owns. "I'm moving around more ... I'm not all worked up, I feel great right now. I still can't walk (very well), but I feel good. "

Orsingher went to the Dominican Republic with his wife, Lisa, on Oct. 27 for treatments not available in the United States. To come up with the $30,000 for the treatment and various assorted extra costs, fundraisers were held.

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