BGS Global Hospitals focusing on stem cell therapy for neurological diseases

by Nandita Vijay , | 2011-02-03

BGS Global Hospitals is predominantly trying stem cell therapy in neurological diseases like Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy and head injury.

We would like to scientifically evaluate the outcomes and the benefits in neurological disease where otherwise no cure or relief is possible with existing medical or surgical treatment, Dr N K Venkataramana, chief neurosurgeon and vice-chairman, BGS Global Hospitals told Pharmabiz in an email interaction,

There are many diseases that modern medicine has not been able to provide a cure or surgical relief to the patients. This problem gets compounded with neuro diseases as the patient gets disabled where the quality of life is significantly affected. This has got additional financial and social implications on the family. Medicine has advanced to this stage only with research and application of innovative ideas both in pharmacological therapy as well as biological therapy. Innovation is necessary in order to discover newer methods of treatment for human welfare. The results in spinal cord injury are not encouraging, he added.

In June 2009, the hospital made its first effort to successfully use stem cells for a patient with traumatic brain injury which were transplanted into the brain through a burr hole with navigation assisted surgery. The stem cell transfusion indicated the possibility of reactivating brain cells.

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