Acupuncture Thrives for Troublesome Disorders

by Dana Clark Felty ,  Savannah Morning News | 2011-03-01

Otis Amason has spent much of his life managing severe, chronic pain.

His doctors have often prescribed high-powered medication. But as Amason's tolerance increased, so did the dosage and his concerns about addiction.

"I got banged up pretty good in Korea," Amason said. "But I don't want to be a junkie."

The 81-year-old Liberty County man says he's found a good alternative in acupuncture. Through his occasional treatments with Dr. Jiahua Tao, Amason finds pain and stress relief with relatively no side affects.

"Sometimes, he had as many as 30 needles in me, but I don't feel but one or two of them," Amason said. "He keeps the pain under control. It's a lot better than anything else I've tried."

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