More Teens Seek Plastic Surgery- Parents, Take Care

by Nicole Brochu ,  Los Angeles Times | 2011-03-13

The "before" and "after" drawings are rudimentary, the wiggly lines and stick-figure depictions typical of a child's untrained hand. But there is power in the expression.

In the first sketch, the round-faced boy calls himself "Sad Scott," his ears portrayed as giant balloons floating out from each side of his head. In the "after" drawing, completed post-surgery, the ears are non-distinct nubs, the tears are gone, and the sun smiles overhead. He is now "Glad Scott."

Every year, hundreds of thousands of children go under the knife in what has long been considered an adult undertaking — cosmetic surgery. Like their adult counterparts, they're seeking transformative escape from a host of imperfections, some perceived, some truly challenging.

This blooming trend, especially among 13- to 19-year-olds, is so common in 21st century America that one noted reconstructive and cosmetic specialist says plastic surgery for teens "is becoming mainstream."

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