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Stem Cell Treatment for Autism - Top 12 Clinics and Cost

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Autism Stem Cell Treatment for Autism

Stem Cell Treatment for Autism and Cost

Overview: Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), alludes to a wide scope of conditions portrayed by difficulties with social abilities, redundant practices, discourse, and nonverbal correspondence. As indicated by the Centers for Disease Control, autism influences an expected 1 of every 54 kids in the United States today.

Autism Patient is a good candidate for stem Cell Treatment because evidence exists that some types of stem cells, given intravenously, can improve the overall regulation of the immune system and the neural connectivity in the brain. You can get this treatment at a very low cost by Placidway.

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Autism Stem Cell Treatment Cost

The costs for autism stem cell treatment vary from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the country where the medical center is located. Usually, in the USA and Western Europe, the price for autism stem cell treatment is around $65,000 while in countries like Dominican Republic, Thailand, or Latin America the costs are much lower, roaming around $14,000 -$16,000. 

Autism Stem Cell Treatment Cost

Top 12 Clinics for Autism Stem Cell Treatment

1. Dr. Siegfried Block Stem Cell Therapy Germany

Dr. Siegfried Block Stem Cell Therapy Clinic Germany


2. German International Clinic Germany

German International Clinic


3. Institute for Regenerative Medicine Austria

Institute of Regenerative Medicine Vienne, Austria


4. Unique Cell Treatment Clinic Ukraine

Unique Cell Treatment Clinic Ukraine


5. Institute of Cell Therapy Ukraine

Institute of Cell Therapy Ukraine


6. Infinity Clinic Ukraine

Infinity Clinic Ukraine


7. Good Cells Ukraine

Good Cells Clinic Ukraine


8. MexStemCells Clinic Mexico

MexStemCells Clinic Mexico


9. Progencell - Stem Cell Therapies Mexico

Progencell - Stem Cell Therapies Tijuana


10. Immunotherapy - Regenerative Medicine Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Immunotherapy - Regenerative Medicine Mexico



Turan Turan Health Group Turkey


12. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tolga Turan DÜNDAR Turkey

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tolga Turan Dundar Clinic Turkey


Price Comparison for Autism Stem cell Treatment

Compare prices for the Autism Stem Cell Treatment in the following table:



Average Cost 

Dr. Siegfried Block Stem Cell Therapy


$ 12,751

Unique Cell Treatment Clinic


$ 10,000

Progencell - Stem Cell Therapies


$ 8,300

MexStemCells Clinic


$ 6,400



Benefits of Autism Stem Cell Treatment

Based on worldwide practice, specialists have noticed these improvements in autistic children after stem cell therapy:

  • Better tolerance of different foods and improved digestion, children being willing to try new foods and liking them.

  • Easier contact with the child, most important, first of all: eye contact; children who weren’t even setting their eyes on the objects, start looking at them with interest.

  • More adequate behavior at home and outside.

  • Less or no fear of loud noises, strangers, and bright colors.

  • Corrected verbal skills, with an enriched vocabulary; and if the child is non-verbal, s/he is very likely to start making sounds, syllables, and then pronounce words

  • Writing skills improvement or development

  • Refined self-care skills

  • Improved attention span and concentration

Stem cell therapy is an innovative, effective, and safe method of autism treatment and can aid and improve the lives of many children suffering from autism. However, cell therapy is one of many steps when fighting autism and winning the battle with this condition, and integrated treatment like diet and educational programs is always recommended for best results.

The earlier autism is diagnosed and the earlier parents start helping the child, including stem cell treatment, the more chance the child has to be happy and healthy!

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