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Egg Donation In Europe

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No matter what the fertility issue may be or for how many years a woman has been longing for children, egg donation treatment for infertility brings back the hope for mothers-to-be all over the world. Egg donation IVF is to solution for many women over 40 offering the best chance for pregnancy success.

The egg donation process is the last resort for couples who cannot be helped through procedures such as in vitro fertilization. Donor eggs prove to be highly successful in treating infertility and allowing almost every woman to carry a child and give birth to healthy babies.

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The process of adopting and embryo and becoming a parent:

The egg donation is one of the highly successful methods of infertility treatment. Eggs gained from an anonymous healthy donor are fertilized by recipient’s partner sperm and resulting embryos are transferred in to the recipient’s uterus - future mother.

Who can choose the egg donation?

  • Couples, where the woman does not produce own eggs.
  • Couples, where the woman does not produce good quality eggs.
  • Couples in which the woman is the transmitter of an inherited disease.

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Egg Donation Advantages:

  • Genetic contribution of a father (50%) compared to adoption
  • Impact on the nutrition and contentment of the fetus by its mother before the birth
  • Experience of own pregnancy from the very beginning
  • Birth and the option of breast feeding

Egg Donation Costs:

The prices for infertility treatments in Europe, especially in Eastern European countries, vary from country to country, but they are much more affordable comparing to USA and Western Europe. Keeping in mind that in some countries infertility solutions like surrogacy are still illegal, the costs start from $7,850 in Georgia, one of the top destinations for egg donation IVF treatment.

All these advantages bring an outstanding benefit for the child, the mother and the whole family.

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Top Destinations for Egg Donation in Europe:

North Cyprus IVF – Nicosia (Cyprus)

Egg Donation In Europe At North Cyprus IVF Nicosia Cyrpus

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Discover European  infertility solutions and make your parenthood dream come true right now!

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