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Destinations in Asia for Gastric Sleeve Procedure

Top Destinations in Asia for Gastric Sleeve Procedure

Bariatric surgery has improved amazingly. Have you undergone weight loss surgery, yet you aren't seeing the results you had hoped to see? If so, the Asian best bariatric centers can help. Being a prestigious medical tourism hub, weight loss clinics in Asia have prepared special bariatric packages for gastric sleeve procedures to to meet everybody’s needs and to restore patients’ health and self-confidence!

Effectiveness of Gastric Sleeve Procedure in Asia

In a gastric sleeve procedure, the surgeon removes approximately 70% of the stomach laparoscopically so that the stomach takes the shape of a tube or "sleeve." This is the simplest, least invasive weight-loss surgery available. It is permanent, so it reduces the risk of regaining the weight. The sleeve gastrectomy is the fastest growing bariatric surgery in the world due to its success and safety.

Uniqueness of Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

What makes this surgical procedure so unique is the elimination of the portion of the stomach that produces the hormones that stimulates hunger (Ghrelin), so patients will feel significantly less hungry after the surgery. Most patients can expect to lose 60 to 100% of their excess body weight over a 12 – 18th month period with the sleeve gastrectomy.

Advantages Gastric Sleeve Procedure Asia Medical Tourism

Advantages of the Gastric Sleeve Procedure in Asia

  • Weight loss is rapid, averaging about 65% of excess weight loss in the first 1-2 years after surgery       

  • No implantation or maintenance of a foreign body   

  • Fewer postoperative visits as compared to a Lapband         

  • No malabsorption, so chance of nutritional deficiencies are very low          

  • Eliminates the portion of the stomach that produces the hormones that stimulates hunger            

  • Can improve many obesity-related health conditions, including:                  

    • Diabetes

    • High blood pressure

    • High cholesterol

    • Sleep apnea

  • After weight loss procedures, many patients acknowledge an overall improvement in social and emotional well-being.

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Top Destinations in Asia for Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedures

South Korea

365 mc Obesity Clinic Seoul, South Korea

Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Asia At 365 mc Obesity Clinic Seoul South Korea banner


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Yanhee Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Asia At Yanhee Hospital Bangkok Thailand banner


With  highly trained teams of surgeons, nurses, nutritionists, Asia is the perfect destination successful for  weight-loss surgeries!

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