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Discounted Gastric Balloon at Surgimed Clinic Ensenada Mexico

Package Price: $4025
Treatment: Obesity/Bariatric Surgery, Gastric Balloon, Bariatric Surgery
Associated Center: Surgimed Clinica
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Discounted Gastric Balloon - Ensenada, Mexico


Discounted Gastric Balloon at Surgimed Clinica, Ensenada, Mexico

Are you afraid of undergoing obesity surgery but you badly needed to lose weight?

Your doctor says you can’t undergo weight loss surgery because it may do you more harm than good?

Good news! Nothing is impossible with this new obesity/weight loss alternative!


There is a weight loss/obesity solution that can be done only in 20-30 minutes and it’s just swallowed like a pill. It’s called the Gastric Balloon.

A gastric balloon is a non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical alternative used in treating of obesity. Along with a supervised diet therapy and exercise routine, it can help overweight and obese patients achieve long term weight loss.  

The gastric balloon system consists of a placement tube, a soft, elastic balloon, and a filling system. The gastric surgeon will first assess the integrity of your digestive system thru an endoscopic camera. If there are no abnormalities observed, he will proceed with the gastric balloon insertion. Through the use of a throat spray and muscle relaxants, he inserts the deflated, silicone balloon through the mouth (orally) and inflates it thru air or sterile saline solution, once it is positioned in your stomach. Next, the surgeon expands the balloon fully (about the size of an orange), removes the balloon’s placement tube where it will float inside the stomach making it too large to pass into the bowel.

Placement times may vary, but gastric balloon insertion usually takes 20-30 minutes, after which you will be observed by a weight loss surgeon for a short period of time. You may return home and work the next day should there be no complications such as balloon perforation.


Benefits of Gastric Balloon

  • Can help achieve long-term weight loss if diet and exercise is performed.
  • Cheaper and safer alternative
  • Lowers the risk of complications – as the procedure is non-invasive, which also cuts expenses.
  • It only takes 20-30 minutes! You can usually go home three hours after the balloon is inserted and inflated (if there are no complications).  
  • Guaranteed minimally invasive
  • Does not involve surgery - no cases of cutting or bleeding!
  • Can be performed as a day procedure
  • You can return to work after 1-2 days depending on how your stomach adapts.


Endoscopic Gastric Balloon Price Mexico

Are you a good candidate for a gastric balloon? Let’s see!

  • Patients who have body mass index (BMI) of less than 30.
  • Overweight and obese patients who don’t lose weight with exercise and diet alone.
  • Patients who aren't eligible for any bariatric surgery but need to lose weight because of their health.
  • Patients who don’t want to undergo invasive bariatric procedures such as Lap Band Surgery or Gastric Bypass.
  • Can help in controlling diseases associated with obesity such as: high blood pressure, sleep apnea, self-esteem issues, problems with mobility and diabetes.

Aside from being a premier cosmetic and plastic surgery center, Surgimed Clinica in Ensenada, Mexico also provides Obesity/Bariatric Surgeries performed by a well-known surgeon, Dr. Pedro A. Cota. Dr. Cota is a trained and experienced surgeon practicing for almost 18 years. He has performed numerous surgical procedures, majority of those he performs are cosmetic and bariatric procedures. Aside from providing affordable cosmetic treamtents like tummy tuck, breast augmentation and liposculpture, Dr. Cota is also an expert in performing bariatric procedures such as Gastric Sleeve, Lap Band and Gastric Balloon.


Discounted Gastric Balloon Package at Surgimed Clinica, Ensenada, Mexico

Gastric Balloon at Surgimed ONLY COSTS 4,025 USD!


Package includes:

  • One night hospital stay (if the patient is required).  
  • Hotel accommodations at Hotel Coral and Marina.
  • All-medical related cost  such as hospital fees, medications, doctor fee, nursing care and equipment usage.
  • Prescription after surgery
  • Transportation assistance: Pick-up and drop off to and from San Diego Airport.
  • Hotel Transfers

Package excludes:

  • Airfare expenses
  • Meal expenses
  • Extra night’s stay at the hotel will cost USD $95 per night.
  • Pre-op tests (which has to be taken prior to arrival).

Want to lose weight but are too afraid of going under the knife? Gastric Balloon at Surgimed Clinica, Ensenada, Mexico might help you achieve weight loss without cutting and bleeding. For more information about other obesity/bariatric procedures, clinics and surgeons, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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