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Mexico Transgender Center | GRS Mexico

Breast Lift Packages at GRS Guadalajara Mexico

Av Manuel J. Clouthier 669, Jardines de Guadalupe, Guadalajara, Mexico

Package Price : $2500

Treatment :Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

By : Mexico Transgender Center | GRS Mexico

Location : Av Manuel J. Clouthier 669, Jardines de Guadalupe Guadalajara, Mexico

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Package Details

Breast Lift Packages at GRS Guadalajara Mexico

Breast Lift Packages at GRS Guadalajara, Mexico

Are you worried about your sagging breasts? A breast lift can help uplift your breast profile!

Breast lift, or mastopexy is a surgical procedure that enhances the shape of the breast by removing excess skin, tissue at the same time repositioning the nipple higher on the chest wall. It also helps in reshaping the new breast contour. Most of the time, a breast lift is performed along with a breast augmentation.  

Good candidates for a Breast lift are women who:

  • Have breasts that sag or droop
  • Has lost its fullness
  • Is elongated
  • Has enlarged areolas and stretched skin
  • Breast appears lower than the other breast
  • When the nipples point downward

How much is a breast lift in Mexico? 

In looking for a price quotation for a breast lift, you should consider many factors. These are:

1. Surgeon's Fee. This may vary depending on the experience and demand for that cosmetic surgeon. This also depends on technique used by the surgeon.

2. Anesthesia. If a board certified anesthesiologist in Mexico will provide the anesthesia then, his/her professional fee is higher compared to a medical assistant who might be tasked to give the anesthetic drugs.

3. Hospital/clinic fee. Charges may vary if the surgeon is chooses a certified surgery center, hospital or clinic to perform the procedure.

Dr. Ivan Aguilar, CEO of GRS Mexico, is one of the recognized surgeons in Guadalajara, Mexico specializing in gender reassignment, urology and cosmetic procedures. GRS Mexico is now offering affordable breast lift packages that start at $2,500 - $5,000

The cost for hotel accommodation is not included in the package and may cost the client an additional $1,225 for a 10 day stay in a hotel, including nursing care and transportation fees. 


City, Country


Clinic Name

Breast Lift Packages


Price in USD

Guadalajara, Mexico GRS Mexico Breast Lift $ 3,400
    Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation $ 5,000



Removal of Existing Breast Implants (when not placing new implants) $ 2,500

Benefits of breast lift in GRS:

  • You will revive lost self-confidence!
  • Affordable prices
  • Renowned and experienced surgeons
  • Variety of procedures performed at the clinic
  • GRS adheres to high quality, international standards,
  • Uses the latest modern equipment and facilities
  • Facilities and procedures guaranteed safe for international patients!  


Get a breast lift and achieve fuller and firmer breasts at GRS Mexico and get a FREE quote!

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