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All-Inclusive BBL Package in Tijuana, Mexico

Package price starting from: $6785
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Brazilian Butt Lift
Associated Center: CIPLASTIC
Calle 5ta. Emiliano Zapata #7867 Zona Centro, C.P. 2200 Tijuana B.C. Tijuana Baja California, Mexico
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Best Brazilian Buttock Lift in Tijuana, Mexico by Ciplastic

BBL in Tijuana Mexico Package

Ciplastic provides a cheap package for BBL in Tijuana, Mexico. Get top treatment free quotes for top centers. Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Ciplastic gives you the best solution to enhance your body appearance and self-confidence through BBL Surgery. It is very popular surgery that can boost your good-looking body easily. Look at more information about this awesome package underneath. 

What is Brazilian Buttock Lift?

BBL is an acronym for a "Brazilian Butt Lift," a fat exchange operation that takes fat from one piece of the body and adds infuses it into the buttock for an improved and more voluminous buttock. The Brazilian butt lift is a restorative surgery that contours the body without utilizing implants. If you feel you want to have a more beautiful body, this procedure is a must to choose.

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BBL in Tijuana, Mexico Package Details

Package Cost CLinic Location
Brazilian Buttock Lift Package $6,785. Ciplastic Clinic Tijuana, Mexico

How Much Cost of BBL in Tijuana, Mexico?

You can get BBL Package in Tijuana, Mexico by Ciplastic with the normal price starting from $6,785.


Brazilian Butt Lift Cost 


Tijuana, Mexico 


$5,508 (18.82%) 







Note: You can get a discount of up to 18.82%, so you will pay only $5,508! Contact us to get this price!

Advantages of Brazilian Butt Lift in Tijuana, Mexico at Ciplastic Clinic

Here are several advantages that you can find through BBL Package in Tijuana, Mexico by Ciplastic: 

  • 24/7 Online Consultation and Reservation 

  • Affordable Cost 

  • 5 Board Certifications 

  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem 

  • 16+ Years of Experience 

  • Enhance your appearance to the next level 

  • Top Quality Tijuana Medical Tourism 

BBL Surgery Package Inclusions

Check below for information about inclusions in BBL Package in Tijuana, Mexico by Ciplastic: 

  • Liposuction in abdominal area, waist, and lower back 

  • Between legs and pubic area FAT TRANSFER (buttock and hips) 

  • 1 night at Ciplastic hospital 

BBL Surgery Package Exclusions

Check below about exclusions of BBL Package in Tijuana, Mexico by Ciplastic: 

  • Airfare  

  • Accommodation  

  • Laboratories   

  • Transportation 

List of Pre-Op Tests

Check below for information about list of pre op test for BBL Package in Tijuana, Mexico by Ciplastic: 

  • Complete blood count 

  • PT 

  • PTT 

  • Glucose 

  • Urea and creatinine 

  • Fibrinogen 

Note: The pre-op tests will be suggested after an essential physical check-up. The tests must be done before 7-10 days of the treatment. 

Payment Options: Cash, Credit Card, Wire Transfer 

Note: The clinic may ask you for a money deposit once you decide to receive the surgery. 

Payment: 30% Deposit 

Best Plastic Board Certified Surgeons in Tijuana for Brazilian Buttock Lift

Check below for information about certified plastic surgeons / BBL surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico by Ciplastic: 

Doctor Name: 

1. Dr. Hermes Pelayo Certified Plastic Surgeon 

Dr. Hermes Avila Pelayo, founder of CIPLASTIC Clinic in Tijuana, is a renowned board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Tijuana with 16 years of experience and over 12,000 successful procedures. His expertise spans liposculpture, Liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and more. Dr. Pelayo's contributions to plastic surgery include advanced burn treatment and body reconstruction after massive weight loss.

He's a dedicated professional known for his commitment to patient care and a holistic lifestyle, advocating for the Vegan Diet as part of medical treatment in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Trust in his skills and personalized care at CIPLASTIC Clinic.

Dr. Hermes Pelayo Certified Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Hermes Avila Pelayo

2. Dr. Edgar Serrano Garcia 

Dr. Edgar Serrano, a leading Bariatric Surgeon at CIPLASTIC Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, offers expert weight loss surgery. With extensive training, including a Bariatric Surgery certification, he specializes in procedures like Gastric Sleeve and Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, Brazilian Buttlift / Brazilian Implants, liposcuction, tummy tucks and breast augmentation. Dr. Serrano's commitment to patient care and numerous awards in the field make him a trusted choice for those seeking transformative weight loss surgery in Tijuana.

Dr. Edgar Serrano Garcia
Dr. Edgar Serrano

Certifications and Accreditations: 

  • AMCPER: Asociacion de Cirugia Plastica, Estetica y Reconstructiva, 

  • ASPS: American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

  • ISAPS: International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons 

  • CMCOEM: Colegio Mexicano de Cirugia para la Obesidad y Enfermedades Metabolicas AC 

Achieve Your Dream Curves with a Butt Lift Procedure in Tijuana, Mexico

Are you looking to achieve a fuller, more youthful appearance for your backside? Imagine sculpting your dream silhouette without having to pay sky-high prices. Welcome to the heart of Tijuana, Mexico, where medical excellence meets affordability. Here, we offer world-class Butt Lift Procedures that redefine your curves and elevate your natural beauty.

The Butt Lift Procedure: What to Expect

Brazilian butt lift surgery in Tijuana or Brazilian butt lift package is usually preceded as a short term procedure under broad sedation. The surgeon utilizes liposuction to eliminate fat from your lower body; the removed fat is then refined and infused into explicit focuses on the backside to accomplish the ideal shape and size through Liposuction in Tijuana. Full recovery takes around six months. The outcomes should keep going for a long time, yet it is critical to keep a steady weight without huge loss or gain, which can influence the result. 

Our Butt Lift Procedures involve fat transfer, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), or butt implants.

  1. Consultation: Understand your options and get a customized treatment plan.
  2. Preparation: Pre-surgical evaluations and guidelines to prepare you for the procedure.
  3. Procedure: Performed under general anesthesia, taking into account your body proportions and desired outcomes.
  4. Recovery: Receive post-operative care instructions and enjoy our exceptional aftercare services.
  5. Results: Reveal your transformed look, complemented by enhanced self-esteem and confidence.

Making the Decision for a Better You

If you're looking to significantly improve your appearance and boost your confidence, a Butt Lift Procedure in Tijuana, Mexico, is an excellent option. The combination of our surgical expertise, world-class facilities, and cost-effective packages makes the decision that much easier for you.

Why Choose Tijuana, Mexico for Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you want to search for best destination for BBL surgery, you can choose Tijuana, Mexico. Many experienced surgeons are not difficult to get, and you can save over half of your wallet contrasted with other countries. In Mexico the progression of this surgery is ensured. There are different hospitals and clinics here where plastic surgeons and accommodating surgeons are open for consultation 24/7 every day. In Mexico, you can meet with the best doctors in Mexico who have a specialty in this field.  

You could do video consultation if you want to have conversation with specialists directly. They are professional in using current innovative Plastic Surgery and gadgets that can help them with performing these surgeries, using International Standards. All of these specialists generally examine the patient totally to ensure they receive the best procedures.  

FAQs about BBL in Tijuana, Mexico

Check below for information about FAQ of BBL Package in Tijuana, Mexico by Ciplastic: 

Why is BBL in Tijuana, Mexico Cheap?

The cheaper cost of living, reasonable medical education, reasonable medical equipment, reasonable medical staff operational costs are the reasons why the expense of Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico is fairly more affordable contrasted with various nations. 

How Much Cost of BBL in Tijuana, Mexico?

You can now get BBL in Tijuana, Mexico easily. For example, you can get Cost of BBL in Tijuana, Mexico by Ciplastic for only $6,785. While in Canada and USA, the price can reach $16,500

Why Tijuana, Mexico Becomes a Good Place for BBL?

Reasonable expenses, many experienced surgeons, and various positive inputs from patients who come to Tijuana, Mexico for BBLs make this destination incredibly renowned. Consistently, the quantity of patients coming in is growing, with the objective that they can save over half in costs for this procedure. 

Is Tijuana, Mexico Safe for BBL?

Yes, for sure, it is exceptionally safe! Assuming you pick the right and reliable centers all will be okay. You could also acquire the best results beyond your expectations! 

Video about Brazilian Butt Lift in Tijuana, Mexico

BBL Package in Tijuana, Mexico by Ciplastic is prepared to give you numerous conveniences at a financially savvy cost. It is the ideal opportunity for you to boost your excellent appearance and get confidence without any problem. You can now press the button beneath to connect with our client agent and get your opportunity for best cost in this Package!

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