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Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in Europe

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Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem Cell Therapy for Aurism in Europe

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in Europe

Autism is a disorder characterized by the impairment of social interaction, communication, mood swings, anxiety, repetitive behaviours and metabolic and digestive problems. Autism affects how information is processed within the brain by altering how nerve cells connect and organize.

In patients diagnosed with autism, memory areas of the brain responsible for concentration, attention, speech etc. are damaged. The stem cell treatment improves blood flow and oxygen flow to the brain, replacing damaged neurons and stimulating the formation of new arteries. Stem cells acquire properties of the affected cells and multiply in this form, leading to the restoration of white and gray matter; therefore, neurological symptoms and intellectual capacity are improved. Mesenchymal stem cells can strengthen the immune system and terminate the inflammatory processes.

The stem cell therapy focuses on:

• Immunity

• Metabolism

• Communication capacity

• Memory, learning ability, thinking.

Stem cells have the ability to transform into those cells that needed by the body (neurons, oligodendrocytes, blood cells etc.). The improvement consists in restoring damaged neural connections, the formation of new connections between neurons, the acceleration of the brain reactions etc.

With the stem cell therapy, patients suffering from autism can notice the following changes:

• A better tolerance to different foods and digestion.

• Improved communication capacity.

• Improved behaviour.

• Less fear of loud noises, strangers and bright colours (progressive improvement).

• Verbal skills are improved.

• Improving and developing writing.

• Improved self-care skills.

• Increased attention and concentration capacity.

There are many specialized European clinics that offer stem cell therapy for patients affected by autism.









Vienna, Austria


SCT Vienna




Medical evaluation of the reports

First consultation

Stem cell therapy


Medical assistance and nurse

Check-up after the operation

Lab analysis

Transfer to and from the clinic on the operation day

Airport transfers

Medication and pain reliever after the operation if required

Administrative effort: hotel reservation, visa application procedure

Visa invitation letter and mail-order

Accommodation for 3 nights for 2 persons in one of our hotels we cooperate with

Frankfurt, Germany


German International Clinic




Patient will stay in Germany for at least 14 days.

Initial examination.

Collecting of blood to prepare cell-culture (takes at least 10 days)

Injection of stem-cells

Complementary therapy for a better reaction of the patient's organism to the stem-cell


Follow-up examination to check success of treatment

Kiev, Ukraine


Unique Cell Treatment Clinic




Airport-hotel/apartment-airport transfer.

Everyday hotel/apartment-clinic-hotel/apartment transfer.

Examinations by specialists.

Laboratory tests and investigations.

Treatment itself (2-days-administration of stem cells).

Medical report.

Medications if necessary.

Follow-up after the treatment.


Benefits of the stem cell therapy for autism:

• Stem cell therapy is a new treatment.

• Stem cells can transform and replace destroyed or damaged cells.

• Low risk of complications.


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Stem Cell Therapy is still an experimental treatment. Any information related to stem cell therapy provided in this website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace a consultation with a licensed physician nor be construed as medical advice or any emergency health need you may be expecting.


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