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Cryoablation for Cancer Package in Otwock Poland

F. Chopin Hospital - ul. Borowa 14/18, 05-400 Otwock, Poland

Package Price : $4000

Treatment :Cancer Treatment

By : European Health Centre Otwock

Location : F. Chopin Hospital - ul. Borowa 14/18 Otwock, Poland 05-400

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Cryoablation for Cancer Package in Otwock Poland

Cryoablation for Cancer Package in Otwock, Poland

Cancer occurs due to uncontrolled division of cells with certain special characteristics, thus causing the appearance of a tumour mass. There are several types of cancer: breast cancer (fibroadenomas), kidney cancer and liver cancer are among the most often diagnosed ones.

Cryoablation for Cancer Overview

The procedure can be performed on patients suffering from several types of cancer, such as breast (fibroadenomas), kidney and liver cancer.

Cryoablation is a freeze-thaw technique carried out in several stages, referred to as "cycles of freezing". The procedure is guided by ultrasound and consists of placing a cryoprobe in the center of the lesion, which in extreme cold temperatures leads to intracellular freezing and then self-destruction of cells. The procedure is painless and done under local anaesthesia.

Benefits of Cryoablation for Cancer

  • Cryoablation is performed in the doctor's office, without requiring systemic (general) anaesthesia or surgery
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Minimal or no scarring
  • Lower costs
  • It's a painless and very quick procedure

Cost of Cryoablation for Cancer in Otwock, Poland

Cost of Cryoablation for Cancer

At European Health Centre Otwock (Otwock, Poland), the Cryoablation for Cancer package's prices vary depending on the type of cancer treated and start from:

  • Cryoablation for Breast cancer (fibroadenomas): from $4,000
  • Cryoablation for Kidney Cancer: from $4,500
  • Cryoablation for Liver Cancer: from $4,000

Why Choose Us?

  • The most up-to-date private hospital in the country
  • First-rate diagnostic testing
  • Modern equipment, ensuring medical services of top quality
  • Award winning medicine
  • Flawless, accurate cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Unique Multidisciplinary Clinic
  • Collaboration with the best medical care centers in Poland and worldwide
  • Clinical trials in breast and kidney cancer available


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