Lung Cancer Treatment with CimaVax Package in Cuba

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Lung Cancer Treatment with CimaVax Package in Cuba


CimaVax lung cancer vaccine works by targeting a protein called epidermal growth factor (EGF) that allows the tumor to survive and grow. By blocking the growth factor, the tumor either starves or is unable to proliferate, which slows cancer growth and can significantly extend the life of a patient. 

For people who already have lung cancer, this vaccine results in the body actually getting rid of the cancer cells.  And for people who are currently healthy but are at a high risk of developing lung cancer, this treatment acts as a vaccine to prevent relapse.

People who have used this vaccine in Cuba have lived longer and also have an improved quality of life by reducing various symptoms associated with cancer. CimaVax Lung Cancer Vaccine is part of the next generation of cancer treatment called immunotherapy, which is a way of triggering the body's natural defenses to attack cancer cells.

Factors that Affect Package Price

You may find that same provider is offering different package prices for CimaVax Lung Cancer Treatment. This happens due to relative factors such as:

  • Age of the patient
  • Family history of lung cancer
  • Smoking habit
  • Exposure to substances that may cause lung cancer such as nickel, chromium, arsenic, etc.

Benefits of Lung Cancer Vaccine

  • No major side effects
  • It is affordable
  • Allows prolongation of life up to five years
  • It safe and effective
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Easy to administer
  • Has very little toxicity
  • Reduce risk of lung cancer

Complexity Level: High

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Cost:  Cost of Lung Cancer treatment with CimaVax in Cuba starts from $9,370 approximately. However, the treatment cost may vary according to the condition of the patient.

Note: Final prices are determined after physical evaluation and laboratory report analysis. Any additional medication, tests, and/or other medical condition the doctor may diagnose during the procedure will be at an additional cost.

Currency and payment:

  • $1000 USD to be paid as the first instalment via bank transfer/credit card in the USA for booking an appointment
  • 8367 CUC payable as the second instalment, which is approximately 8367 USD based on the conversion 1 USD: 1 CUC; The conversion rate is changing daily and client should check out the actual price.
  • Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) is the only currency accepted in Cuba where 3% is the approximate exchange rate.
  • 10% additional tax is to be paid in case of USD. At the Airport exchange house, you can exchange your money. Some of the accepted currencies for exchange are EUR, CAD, MXN, YEN, FRANCS, POUNDS, USD.
  • Cashier check will not be accepted. You can pay using CUC cash or mastercard or visa credit cards that are not issues by US-based banks. 
  • Keep track of the exchange rate at-

Note: Price is always the same as it is set by government and is only affected due to exchange rate and any taxes added to the currency patient exchanges to CUC.

Length of Stay: 4 Nights 5 Days.


  • Four nights Hospitalization with nursing care and food
  • Nursing and medical care
  • General Stomatology expert and Podiatry consultation
  • Clinical history preparation after initial evaluation
  • Chest X rays imaging test
  • Hematological and hemochemical tests: Complete blood count Sedimentation velocity Complete coagulogram Glycemia Creatinine Uric acid Urea TGO TGG GGT Alkaline phosphatase Quantitative serology (VDRL) Antibody test against HIV-1/2
  • Therapy using medications like      Cyclophosphamide      Sodium chloride      CIMAVAX EGF vaccine (16 bulbs) Zofran and monoclonal antibodies
  • In-out transportation
  • Medical report, conclusions and recommendations


  • Extra night stay 
  • Meals and accommodations of companions
  • medications that are not part of the package, blood, disposable material, derivatives or their substitutes


  • Biopsy confirming Non Small Lung Cancer Type III-IV
  • Chest MRI or CT Scan with images and reports
  • Reports of oncology, radiation or/and chemotherapy
  • Oncology report
  • current health condition and past treatment confirmation signed by doctor


If you are on a tourist VISA for 15 to 30 days and the treatment will be extended longer, the hospital will make arrangement for medical VISA. However, you have to buy your tourist visa at the travel agency from where you buuy your airfare at Havana airport when you arrive or at your departure airport. The price charged for this is $25 usually. 

Traveler's insurance:

According to the Migratory regulations, you must have a medical insurance with coverage while traveling to Cuba. In case you dont have the insurance, you can buy it at Havana airport for 5 CUC per day per person.

List of Required Pre-Op Tests

  • CT Scan
  • Sputum cytology
  • Biopsy Tissue Sample

NoteThe laboratory tests are done at least 7-10 days prior to the procedure. The particular tests are prescribed after a complete physical evaluation of the patient.

Payment OptionsCash, Credit Card, Wire Transfer

Note: The center may require a money deposit once a patient decides to book the surgery.

How to Get There

Cuba’s broad network of airports allows one to travel from one end to the other end of the island easily. The main airports of Cuba are Jose Marti International Airport in Havana and Abel Santa Maria International Airport in Santa Clara.  The airport network serves as the major connector between Cuba and international medical tourists. 



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