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Clinica Avellan in Belo Horizonte, Brazil Reviews from Real Patients

Rua dos Guajajaras, 628 Salas 102- 107 Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais
Focus Area: Clinica Avellan | Belo Horizonte | Brazil| plastic surgery | dermatology | gynecology | mastology | nutrology | nutrology

About Clinica Avellan

Clinica Avellan is a premier clinic supported by the best qualified professionals and strategic location in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. They offer a vast range of services and procedures in the fields of plastic surgery, dermatology, gynecology, mastology, obstetrics, and nutrology.

Anti Aging,Cancer Treatment,Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery,Fertility Treatment,Gynecology Treatment,Skin Care,Spine Care/Surgery Reviews in Belo Horizonte, Brazil at Clinica Avellan

  • tatiane

    I do not really know what the problems that each one had with the clinic, I can not complain about anything Dr. Catherine care was excellent even though she was not my doctor and knowing of this detail she was extremely pleasant and very attentive to my needs at the time of care ..... I believe we receive what we offer, it calms or worries you

    Google Feb 02 2020
  • Anna

    I want to share my experience so you can help other women who suffer from the same illness as me. For a long time I searched for a doctor who understood my affliction, had several indications of surgery for endometriosis and found the clinic through google, hardly knew that I would be so happy in my choice, I found draKhatty, wonderful, human, warm and up to date, thanks to she did not operate and treated my endometriosis clinically with regression of the disease and conserved my fertility! I thank everyone who welcomed me so well in the clinic and especially the dra that allowed me to live without pain! God bless you!

    Google Feb 05 2020
  • Andreia

    Excellent service from the reception to the doctors. I recommend!

    Google Feb 20 2020
  • Alessandra

    Excellent, from the attendance of the secretaries, to the doctors. Cozy atmosphere and humanized service. I believe that the negative opinions were very distorted, well each person receives what he donates. Negative energies exist everywhere. Thank you for welcoming me so well. God bless them!

    Google Apr 06 2021
  • Paula C

    Excellent service! Focuses on cleaning and sanitizing the place, especially in Covid -19. Excellent doctors and secretaries a love. Thank you.

    Google May 05 2021