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Vorobiev Narcology Rehab Clinics are the most advanced addiction treatment rehabilitation facilities in Russia and around the world. The groundbreaking methodology together with dedication and professionalism of the physicians and the medical staff make the clinic a definite pioneer and a leader in the field of addiction treatment.

What Makes Us Different:
We go well beyond the traditional methods of treating addictions. Our unique and revolutionary methodology has returned majority of our patients back to a fulfilling life free of drugs. We show a success rate that is higher than anywhere else in the world. We have a long history of using such methods as "The Code", "Antabuse" or "Silver Bullet", however, our methodology encompasses several more key procedures, collectively called "The Vorobiev Method" It is the Vorobiev Method that makes our treatment program by far the most effective program available today. We know that we are a part of something great and we strive to make our treatment program available to all!

The Vorobiev Treatment program gives you:

  • Painless drug detox
  • Restful Sleep
  • Good appetite
  • A stable state of mind
  • An aversion to addictive substances
  • A healthy, clean and satisfying life

Drug Addiction:
Drug addiction is a global problem. Many people suffer from it, and despite the determination and motivation to achieve sobriety, majority of these people don’t find effective treatment. Time goes by, addiction is becoming stronger, unsuccessful past treatments lower the self esteem and discourage from future treatments.

We have helped 80 to 90 percent of all our patients to regain freedom from drugs. The majority of our patients are those with long history of drug use. They write to us with the wonderful stories of their lives that could make one wonder: "Was this really that angry guy who could barely function, or that desperate girl, who had sold most of what she had for drugs?" Our patients build great careers by becoming successful business people, artists, teachers, social workers, etc. Some reunite with their families, some go on to build their own. Our patients not only free themselves of drug addiction, they also attain the level of life that is meaningful and joyful to them.

Treatment program consists of:

Evaluation by psychiatrist, narcologist, internist, psychologist, and possibly some other specialists. Blood and urine tests. Health analyses of heart, liver and possibly other organs. Ultrasound exams, MRT, ECG if needed.

Quick, safe and painless Non-US detoxification, which completely cleanses the body of narcotics while completely avoiding withdrawal symptoms. Detox provides comfortable abstinence.

The Vorobiev Method
A series of safe and painless procedures, called "The Vorobiev Method" is implemented at this stage. The procedures work on permanent craving removal. Some of the examples of such procedures are:

  • "mental death" coding procedure: creates an intense fear of drugs and a firm feeling of aversion for things related to drug addiction.
  • Ibogaine procedure effectively facilitates the elimination of carvings for drugs
  • "central mediators transformation": triggers the disruption of the maladaptive cognitive and behavioural patterns, and reduces the asymmetry in processes between the left and right hemispheres.
  • the "long" procedure: sets the production of bio-chemical blockers that prevent cravings on a long term basis.
  • the "hot" procedure: is used to put more time between you and your addiction. This highly specialized procedure accelerates your metabolism so that two weeks of treatment is equal to six months of health and recovery.

This part of treatment interrupts and completely eliminates the cravings for drugs, while re-establishing a positive state of mind. Our patients call it "memory eraser", due to the profound overall effect of the treatment. During this stage immunity improves and body cells regenerate.

  • Pharmacological Correction
  • Informational Psychotherapy

Individual and group psychotherapy. Motivational, cognitive-behavioural, transpersonal, existential modalities.

Relaxation program, massage, meditation, acupressure, acupuncture, binaural sound therapy.

Yoga, tennis, swimming, sightseeing tours provided.

It's a special chemical implant that builds a complicated anti-opiate immunity. In other words it blocks receptors. Taking drugs over the implant is senseless as well as extremely dangerous. This is a final stage of in-patient treatment.

Outpatient treatment:
A one year continuing care program that helps the client and his/her family prepare for sustained recovery.

Inpatient treatment program generally takes  10-14 days
Outpatient treatment program takes 1 year.

All clients require an individual treatment plan, which is estimated based on the information the client provides prior to admission. Please contact us to find more about the cost of your individual treatment program.

Detox + implant + rehab   10 000 US$  21 days treatment course

Detox + implant                  2 000 usd     5 days treatment course

Fukano therapy                  3 000 US$   3 days treatment course

  • Accommodation
  • 5 Meal A Day
  • Translation Services
  • Transport To and From Airport
  • 6 Month Implant Inclusive

The Clinic Provides:

  • Transportation to and from a clinic to any major city or airport within 200 miles.
  • Lodging at the clinic in spacious and comfortable suites
  • Meals provided 5 times a day (at certain locations 3-4 times a day)
  • Translation service
  • Satellite TV (at certain locations)
  • WiFi (at certain locations)
  • Laundry service
  • Pool, Jacuzzi, sauna (at certain locations)
  • Safe

Long-term Rehabilitation (optional, not included in the package)
After the treatment in our clinic it's possible to undergo a long-term rehabilitation in best mineral water resorts. Patients receive balneo treatment and mud cure treatment in the best spa resorts of the Caucasus and Serbia.