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Ragazer Vitality

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz CH - 7310, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Package Price : $552

Treatment :Medical Spa Treatment

By : Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Location : Grand Resort Bad Ragaz CH - 7310 Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Focus Area: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Bad Ragaz | Switzerland | Skin Care,Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery | Rehabilitation | Executive Healthcheck | Chronic Diseases | Alternative Medicine

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Package Details

Ragazer Vitality – by Altearah BioRagazer Vitality


Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is proud to present Top Notch Ragazer Vitality Package by Altearah Bio Treatment. This exclusive package offers a treatment that will help you relax and fully enjoy your medical trip at their luxury resort. 

At times, we often feel exhausted and empty that we lose sight of ourselves and our creativity and that negatively affects our zest in life. The “Ragazer Vitality” programme helps you to relieve fatigue, renew your resources and bring a new freshness to your life.The Ragazer Vitality Package is made available for you to enjoy for only 550 CHF (aproximately $552).

Services Included

• Introductory consultation addressing your medical history
• Personalised support throughout the programme
• 2 tea breaks per day
• Individual therapeutic bathing cycles
• Concluding consultation with a wellness expert
• 1 “Vitality” treatment to take home

2- Day Ragazer Vitality - 550 CHF (aproximately $552)

• 1 Refreshing sunshine by Altearah Bio (75 min.)
• 1 Energy booster by Altearah Bio (50 min.)
• 1 aquafit group session (30 min.)
• 1 floating session (10 min.)
• 1 personal training session (50 min.)

4-Day Ragazer Vitality - 1,095 CHF (apoximately $1,098)

• 1 New paths with a clear mind by Altearah Bio (90 min.)
• 1 The power of the Himalayas by Altearah Bio (50 min.)
• 1 follow-up consultation with a wellness expert
• 1 Refreshing sunshine by Altearah Bio (75 min.)
• 1 Energy booster by Altearah Bio (50 min.)
• 2 aquafit group sessions (30 min. each)
• 2 floating sessions (10 min. each)
• 2 personal training sessions (50 min. each)

*subject to availability

It is possible to begin the programme on any day of the week. We recommend arriving the
evening before and staying for at least three or five nights and combining the programme with
our balanced nutrition of Cuisine Équilibrée.

Why Choose Grand Resort Bad Ragaz?

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is offering not only a state-of-the-art Ragazer Vitality Package at an affordable rate but also provides a perfect sanctuary for you to enjoy your well-deserved medical vacation.


Contact Grand Resort Bad Ragaz directly and learn more about the Ragazer Vitality package!

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Grand Resort Bad Ragaz CH - 7310

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