Penile Implant in Mexicali, Mexico from $12,400 Onwards thumbnail

Penile Implant in Mexicali, Mexico from $12,400 Onwards

Package price starting from: $12400
Treatment: Urology, Erectile Dysfunction
Reforma 1309, Col. Nueva Mexicali, BC Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
Focus Area: Penile Implant Surgery | Erectile Dysfunction Treatment | Penile Implant Cost | Dr. Marco Antonio Gutierrez | Mexicali | Mexico

Penile Implant Surgery, Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, Penile Implant Cost, Dr. Marco Antonio Gutierrez, Mexicali, Mexico

Penile Implant in Mexicali, mexico

Penile Implant in Mexicali, Mexico from $12,400 Onwards

Although you probably heard everything about it by now, penile implant surgery is a safe procedure and most of all, it will not be a black hole in your annual budget. The penile implant helps you with your erectile dysfunction and it is performed using minimally invasive surgery.

Dr. Marco Antonio Gutierrez and the expert surgeons in his clinic are professionals who love their respective fields and more importantly, understand the specific needs of their clients. In fact, the specialists will help you feel better with your body.

So, follow your dreams with the best penile implant in Mexicali, Mexico and at the same time, stay safe.

Go with the Experts!

The main concern of Dr. Marco Antonio Gutierrez is to guide you and advise you towards the optimum surgical intervention, explain in detail the safest way for you to achieve your goal without risk. All this is done after careful analysis concerning your wishes, expectations, psychological state and physical condition.

The penile implant AMS 700, Ambicor and Spectra series are available at Dr. Marco Antonio Gutierrez's clinic and safely performed by experts, who will explain all the steps of the implant surgery, depending upon your condition.

An advanced team of urologists led by Dr. Marco Antonio Gutierrez will assess your condition and ensure all measures lead to your healthy outcome, as he has done in many other such cases!

Cost of Penile Implant in Mexicali, Mexico

  • Penile Implant ( AMS 700 with MS Pump ) 3-piece implant-Special Price  $18,400 US Dollars
  • Penile Implant ( Ambicor ) 2-piece implant- Special Price  $14,400 US Dollars
  • Penile Implant ( Spectra ) Malleable- Special Price  $12,400 US Dollars

The Package Cost Includes:

  • All pre-operative testing and exams
  • All related surgical costs: surgeons, anesthesia, equipment, hospital stay, nursing care.
  • Meals and medications included while in Hospital
  • Penile Implant
  • 2 nights stay at the Hospital + 2 nights stay at Local Hotel
  • Personal host in Mexicali and Hospital dedicated to your travel itinerary.
  • Case Manager Assistance Bilingual
  • Free DVD with the procedure recording / only if the patient requests it.
  • Ground transportation from ( San Diego Airport or Yuma Az Airport ) to Mexicali Baja ( Hospital ), way back to the Airport.

Benefits of Penile Implant Surgery in Mexicali, Mexico:

  • Improved Self Esteem
  • Greater Love Life Satisfaction
  • Long Lasting Effect of Surgery
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery with little risk
  • Only two days hospitalization


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