Dr. Marco Gamez

Dr. Marco Gamez

Juarez,Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Dentistry Cost in Juarez,Ciudad Juarez Mexico

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Dr. Marco Gamez

  Dr Gamez – Best Dental Treatment in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico As an experienced Dentist in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Dr Gamez provides the best service and specialities for your dental problems. He consults, evaluates and treats his patients with dignity and respect. His excellent skills results in the best quality of service. At dentistry in ciudad juarez, his patients can count on a comprehensive treatment, restoration of their oral health, and receiving a great smile.   Advantages Dental Treatment in Ciudad Juarez, México Dr Gamez is able to communicate with his patients in English, making American patients comfortable to visit our Office. Our prices are very affordable compare to other countries such as USA and Canadá. Price List Dental Treatment in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico TreatmentsCost Regular Teeth Cleaning: $35 Zirconia Crown: $400 Porcelain Veneer: $350 Full Denture,  $350,280 Root Canal (any tooth)&nb Read More

Dr. Marco Gamez Pricings:

Dentistry Procedure Details Price in USD
Dental Crowns Pfm $225
Dental Crowns Zirconia $350
Root Canal (per tooth) Anterior $250
Tooth Extraction Regular $50
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Can change $200
Dental full acrylic dentures Each $200
Dentures (Full mouth) Pair $350
Dental Bonding Per tooth $100
Cosmetic Dentistry Veener emax $400
Deep Cleaning Deep Cleaning $100
Dental Fillings (LED Composite per tooth) Dental Fillings (LED Composite per tooth) $45
Inlay Onlay Restoration Emax $350
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